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WHMSonic Feature List

The worlds number one shoutcast control panel software. All WHMSonic features are below. It is not just a control panel, it is your powerful tool to broadcast and provide internet radio services with your WHM/cPanel. Design is based on WHM/cPanel style as you like. You can start your radio hosting services or your own radio within a minute with WHMSonic by following the below three easy steps. You can also have the following steps automated and create radios with our custom API or billing software modules such as WHMCS, ClientExec, AWBS. More details about our API. WHMSonic has 3 control panel interfaces, root panel for you, reseller panel for your radio reseller clients, cpanel side WHMSonic for your radio clients. All are under the root user control with a package system. The following features are the main features of WHMSonic, it has sub-features under these features and there are other minor features we didnt include them here.

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Full Main Features List
Multiple Radio Systems
Switch between radio systems without dropping the listeners

WHMSonic has 3 radio systems ready to be used,

  • Shoutcast v2
  • Shoutcast v1
  • Icecast v2 (Currently in development and will be available in March 2016 with automated updates.)
Radio & Account Packages
Just like WHM webhosting packages to use

WHMSonic has a package system for the root user and reseller users. You can create unlimited radio account packages on WHMSonic easily and use them on radio creations, so that you dont have to enter radio limits manually each time. Our WHMCS module supports WHMSonic package system, it simply shows you packages that are created on WHMSonic root under the product >> Module settings to use, so that you dont have to enter limits in WHMCS too.

Billing Software Support
WHMCS - ClientExec - AWBS - Custom API
You can automate your radio creation and management with our billing software modules/plugins. WHMSonic current supports WHMCS, ClientExec, AWBS billing software. You can read our how to guides to configure your billing software for WHMSonic. To view our guides, please click here.
 F.A.Q Manager
There is a powerful F.A.Q manager for the root user. You can prepare frequently asked questions and answers easily with your software. Questions and answers will be shown to your all clients on their control panel. This feature is designed with Ajax, so you can manage your F.A.Q system easily.
Limitation and radio limits
Everything is under your control, you can limit radios and your clients with bandwidth/traffic, listeners, bitrate, AutoDJ, IP, Public and much more... You can also limit your radio reseller clients by creating reseller account packages just like WHM webhosting packages.
Multi Language Support
WHMSonic supports 13 languages and we are constantly adding/implementing new languages. Each client/user has its own language option in their WHMSonic control panel. Each client/user can select a language including root user and resellers. Current supported languages are; English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Macedonian, Portuguese, Portuguesebr, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
Internal Radio Creation
 Internal radio creation means, you can create radios for existing cPanel accounts on the server who are using current your hosting services on the server. Check out our how to guides to learn how to create a radio for internal clients. To view our guides, please click here.
External Radio Creation
 External radio creation allows you to create radios for clients who dont need hosting services but need only radio services. With external radio creation feature, you can only create a radio for a client. The client will control their radio with their cpanel login username and password without any hosting features, they will see only their WHMSonic panel on the cPanel side. Check out our how to guides to learn how to create an external radio for a client. To view our guides, please click here.
List - Manage Radios/Customers
WHMSonic has a powerful radio listing and management center, it is fully designed with Ajax and Jquery to save your time and for your pleasure. You can manage/edit/update all the radios on the server with a single click on the list-manage center. You can see all the details of your radios, clients, resellers. Detailed radio resource usages and limits. This is the same for your radio resellers and clients on their WHMSonic control panel.
WHMSonic Radio Reseller Features
WHMSonic has the best known radio reseller management and control panel interface for your radio reseller clients. You can create reseller packages to limit resellers and use them on all reseller accounts. You can create external reseller account for only radio services, you can also assign a WHMSonic reseller account to your current WHM webhosting resellers easily. Click here to see WHMSonic control panel for your reseller clients.
 Graphical Statistics & Live Statistics & Charts
You will have advanced graphical statistics with WHMSonic. WHMSonic has 4 different graphical statistics, all of them are live and available for you and for your clients on all interfaces. WHMSonic shows statistics about radios and listeners including the playing song and many other information on charts and google maps.

1.) Graphical Listeners Statistics: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly on advanced charts.
2.) Live Listener & Radio Statistics: This feature is for online radios, it shows up to 20 last played songs including, now playing song name, online listeners, radio details and many other details online.
3.) Listeners on Google Map: This feature shows radio listeners on Google Maps with geographical location with a full screen focusing including country and city of the listener. It also has other details of listeners such as the program they listen the radio with, country flag and many more. Click here to see a screen image of this feature.
4. ) Traffic & Bandwidth: Detailed bandwidth/traffic usage on charts with Monthly + Yearly statistics.
 Bandwidth / Traffic Monitor
WHMSonic bandwidth monitor is designed to detect and monitor all your radios bandwidth/traffic usage details online. It shows every month including history and yearly traffic usage details of your radios. WHMSonic resets bandwidth usage details every month automatically. It also has a chart monitoring feature and online monitoring function which makes you able to monitor your radios live at the same time they are using traffic.
 AutoDJ Managements AAC+ v2
WHMSonic has the best AutoDJ management feature of all times. It is fully designed with Ajax and Jquery. It works with advanced "Playlist System". You can create a playlist and upload music files, then you can create an AutoDJ with a single click to stream music to your radio. On the root side you can list all AutoDJs on the server and manage them. The AutoDJ feature is available on all interfaces, it has shuffle, automix, mp3 and AAC+ encoders, IDV3v2 tag support. The best part of WHMSonic AutoDJ system is the changes and updates to your AutoDJ. You will never drop your listeners from your radio during your AutoDJ changes. Would you like to read more amazing features about our AutoDJ system? How about changing song play orders and song names live without dropping listeners? Would you like to take the stream as a DJ and play your music without stopping AutoDJ and dropping listeners? Yes you can have these features with WHMSonic at your service, and much more is included in our AutoDJ system. Try and enjoy, and explore the rest of the features today.
 Advanced Playlist Manager
WHMSonic has powerful playlist manager to manage your songs for AutoDJ. You can create unlimited playlists and they are all well organized by WHMSonic for you. You have full control of your music files, you can drag&drop a song to change its play orders, you can delete and upload multiple music files at the same time through your browser. You can change your song names on your playlist, so you dont have to re-upload your song files, which will save you a lot of time. You can edit/update IDV3v2 tags on your playlist manager. You can also upload music files by FTP and then click the reload playlist link to activate your new mp3 files. How about not dropping a single listener from your radio while doing all these things? Yes! You have that chance with WHMSonic software, you can change the song play orders and AutoDJ will detect it automatically without dropping your listeners. You can easily prepare your playlist to play intros/advertisements by putting songs between playlist song list and you can do this by Drag&Drop feature just by clicking a few times.
 DJ Manager
This is another most loved feature of WHMSonic. It is available on all interfaces. Radio owner and you can add DJ accounts, so that anyone or any DJ can use a custom username and password to connect and stream music to the radio. The best part of this feature is that it doesn't drop any listener from the radio. This feature works with AutoDJ, the AutoDJ leaves the stream when a DJ connects and it takes back the stream with a smooth fade effect when the DJ leaves the stream. These are all automatic. This also protects the radio password, the radio owner only provides the custom username and password to connect instead of the main radio password.
 Intro / Text Advertisement Features
WHMSonic supports Intro / advertisement features. You can add intro music files easily and you can add text advertisements which will be shown on all media players screens to the listeners immediately.
 Relay / Redirection Features
 You can redirect the radio to another radio. The radio will play the same music of the redirected target radio. You can redirect a radio to another radio by entering the target radio ip and radio port. This doesn't mean that you can redirect your radio to all radios. You can redirect your radio to radios which allow relay/redirection.
 Email SMTP Configuration
WHMSonic sends a welcome email to your clients if you select "send welcome email" on the shoutcast creation page. It supports SMTP to send emails, you can configure your SMTP email settings with this feature. You can also disable SMTP option. Use SMTP option to protect your emails from spam issues.
 Email Templates
You can fully edit/update your welcome email templates on WHMSonic. There is a powerful rich editor to edit email templates. There are different email templates under the email template manager for you, they are Internal radio creation, External radio creation, reseller account welcome emails.
 Branding cPanel WHMSonic (Adding your logo)
WHMSonic allows you to add/update your logo to top of the client side cPanel WHMSonic. There is a "Branding cPanel WHMSonic" feature under the root WHMSonic, you can simply upload your own logo or you can select original logos from the list that we prepared.
 Bitrate Limiter
WHMSonic has automated bitrate limitation system. You can turn on the bitrate limiter and you can schedule it to run from every 5 mins, 10mins, 30mins etc.. It will check the radio stream bitrate and if it is higher than the provided bitrate limit, it will stop the radio and mark the radio for bitrate abuse. The users will get notifications when they exceed the bitrate limits.
 Bandwidth / Traffic Limiter
WHMSonic has automated bandwidth limitation system. You can turn on "suspend radios if they exceed their bandwidth limit" under the WHMSonic settings. WHMSonic will check the radios every 5 minutes and suspend radios if they exceeded their bandwidth limit.
 WHMSonic Settings
You can configure your WHMSonic software settings. There are important settings under this feature such as language settings, server restart actions, listing limits, suspend messages. Refreshing bandwidth page settings, server limits.
 Restart Radios After Server Reboots
WHMSonic can automatically restart your all radios after server reboots. You can turn-on this option under the WHMSonic settings.
 CSF Firewall Configurations
Sometimes CSF Firewall system sends so much warning emails as you are running radios and it detects all of them. There is an option under your WHMSonic software to disable CSF firewall emails just for shoutcast radios.
 Website Integrations & Scripts (PHP - API - HTML - Website Templates)
WHMSonic has automated scripts to make everything easier for you and for your clients. You can create a flashplayer and player links with a single click for the radio with html codes and download link. Download full scripts, development API details, pre-ready scripts. These are all ready for you under your software. You can also control your radios from outside by using our API calls.
 Multiple Control Features
WHMSonic has multiple control functions. You can control your all radios at the same time. You can start/stop your all radios with one click. You can change your all radios IPs with a single click. You can use our "Fix Everything" function to correct any problem on your software as it can fix itself.

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Remember to check our screen image gallery to see feature images. Please click Here.
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