WHMSonic v2.28 update is released !
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We have released an automated patch/update v2.28 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.28 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.

This upgrade requires WHM/cPanel version v76 or higher. It will not update itself until the server is WHM/cPanel v76 or higher.

Changes List:

  • [Fixed] Reload Playlist function under the "Playlist Manager" removes/deletes MP3 files that have number in their filename issue is now resolved. Does not fix/restore already removed/deleted files, they need to be re-uploaded. Upload them by FTP and click "Reload Playlist" button on the Playlist Manager page.

  • [Fixed] Playlist Manager listing MP3 file name issues. Previous mp3 files will stay the same but the new ones will appear without any change to the file names. So that the mp3 files in the playlist will appear perfectly instead of ugly names.
  • [Fixed] WHMSonic API - WHMCS connection issues are fixed now. (unknown error occurred etc..)
  • [Fixed] AutoDJ & DJ manager will no longer create unwanted space in config files.

  • New radio creations are now assigned authhash automatically, so the radio owner does no longer need to register an authhash.
  • The flashplayer on the cPanel WHMSonic main page is replaced with HTML5 player and autoplays. If the radio is using AAC encoder, only Google Chrome can play it.
  • AutoDJ Setup Page: By default MP3 encoder is selected on AutoDJ Setup page now both cPanel WHMSonic and WHMSonic root.
The following features are in development and are expected to be released soon with WHMSonic v2.29 which is next.
- IceCast Release
- Schedule Playlist Features
- WHMCS Reseller creation module

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