WHMSonic v2.2.25 automated update is released !
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We have released an automated patch/update v2.2.25 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.2.25 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.

Changes List:

  • New WHMSonic Function: Start All AutoDJs After Server Restart/Reboot option added to 'WHMSonic Settings'. By default this option is disabled. If you need your all AutoDJs to start up automatically after every server/vps restart, login to your WHMSonic root >> Click WHMSonic Settings from the left menu and enable "Start all AutoDJs after server restart" option.

  • The email system is completely changed on WHMSonic for welcome email, account emails, resend account emails. WHMSonic is now using port 587 by default for the target SMTP server with TLS connection.
    >>> To apply the fix, login to your WHMSonic root >> Click "Email - Configurations" from the left menu and set your email settings. The new system has debug mode to catch any issue. If you are having issues, enable the debug mode on the page and investigate the server return from the SMTP server easily. If you enable the debug mode, it will show a message in red error return even if the email is successfully sent but can also show errors if there are.

  • Resend account email bug is fixed. Check your email settings in WHMSonic root >> Click "Email - Configurations" from the left menu and set your email. The resend account email function is now Jquery Ajax call and its easier to use.

  • List - Manage Radios >> List by account owner does not list the resellers bug fixed.

  • List - Manage Radios >> The flashplayer is replaced with HTML5 player to listen to radios, it is now much faster and stable.

  • cPanel WHMSonic automatic theme change back to "paper lantern" function added for Internal cPanel users. This was a problem for Internal cPanel hosting clients, some of the internal cpanel hosting users have theme change permission on their cPanel and once they change their theme to sonic from paper lantern in cPanel by mistake, they were unable to change the theme back to paper lantern. This is now automatic with WHMSonic system. WHMSonic checks if they change the theme to sonic, automatically reverts to "paper lantern". Therefore, they are not stuck with sonic theme anymore and root user does not need to change their theme anymore.

  • Internal Radio Users have "set my theme to "paper lantern" link on cPanel WHMSonic main page now. In case if they change their theme by mistake and needed to set it back to "paper lantern".

  • Fix Everything page shows a white blank page and not working bug fixed.

  • cPanel WHMSonic clients getting licensing error and 404 not found bugs are fixed.

  • GoogleMaps unconfigured error on cPanel WHMSonic bug fixed.

  • CSF Firewall Configurations >> The feature was not working due to CSF new configuration, it is revised and fixed.

  • Transfer All Radios feature under the "Multiple Controls" menu has been disabled. A new transfer/migrate/backup feature will be released with the next update.

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