WHMSonic v2.2.22 automated update is released !
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We have released an automated patch/update v2.2.22 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.2.22 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.

Changes List:

  • AutoDJ - Shoutcast v1 Song Title not showing up bug fixed.
    >>> To apply the fix, you need to RESTART your all AutoDJs ! If your all radios are shoutcast v2, you dont need to restart.

  • AutoDJ - CPU load bug after v2.2.21 release is fixed. WHM CPU usage page may show high load after AutoDJ restart, it will calm down after few hours.
    >>> To apply the fix, you need to RESTART your all AutoDJs !

  • AutoDJ - Streaming with a different encoder by DJ connection was causing AutoDJ to fail and become offline bug fixed. 
    >>> To apply the fix, you need to RESTART your all AutoDJs !

  • Resellers radio clients AutoDJs are not listing on their WHMSonic Reseller Panel >> AutoDJ Management page bug fixed. Previously created AutoDJs before this update that are lost by their radio users are also listed now.

  • Playlist Manager deletes all duplicated/copied tracks from the list if you delete any of them bug fixed. This feature is used for inserting advertisement between tracks. Simply upload your ad mp3 file and then copy it on the playlist manager, then insert it between tracks as much as you like. You can create unlimited copies.

  • Playlist Manager changing play order was restarting the AutoDJ instead of reloading the playlist which was causing listeners to drop is now fixed.
    >> Notice: Changing playlist or deleting a track from the list, will cause the AutoDJ to start playing the playlist from the beginning of the playlist. It doesnt mean it is restarted, it simply needs to start playing from the beginning of the playlist to apply the changes you have made. This is the only way to do it with old sc_trans but soon after we release our own new AutoDJ system, we will change the things in radio hosting world. We are working on it.
New Feature/Functions:

  • SongHistory page on all shoutcast v1 and v2 interface page is now 20 tracks by default with WHMSonic, it was 10 tracks. This update is not only for new radio creations but also applied to all existing radios on the server.
    >>> You need to restart your all radios to apply the upgrade. You can use WHMSonic root stop/start all radios function after you make the update, it is on your WHMSonic root >> left menu >> multiple control.

  • Shoutcast v1 - HTML5 PLayer Disable/Enable feature is available now. The player is currently displayed on the Shoutcast v1 interface page that is special to WHMSonic radios only, like the Shoutcast v2. You can now disable or enable the player. Login to your WHMSonic root >> Click WHMSonic Settings from the left menu >> Disable/Enable Shoutcast v1 HTML5 Player option to show or hide the player on your shoutcast v1 interface page for your all clients.
    >>> You need to restart your all Shoutcast v1 radios to apply the changes after you disable/enable the setting.
Notice: You may ask why we still update/support shoutcast v1 which is from 1998. There are still many people use shoutcast v1 and we will keep the shoutcast v1 forever as requested.

In Development: (Not Released)

  • The long waited IceCast support is about to finish as we are going to provide you the latest and best IceCast 2.x, not the old icecast or modified icecast versions. It has been delayed because the IceCast 2.x does not support the currently old AutoDJ systems. We had to develop our own AutoDJ system which can also stream AAC+ to IceCast 2 while mp3 is included. It took our time to develop the AutoDJ system with a new complete playlist system. The new autodj also supports SC v2,v1. We are about to release it as soon as possible, doing some final tests.

  • Schedule playlist feature will be released with the IceCast and new AutoDJ release.

  • A complete new responsive cPanel Side WHMSonic panel design for your clients and tons of new features.
Thank you for your patience.


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