WHMCS WHMSonic Module v2.3 (NEW - PHP7 - WHMCS 7.X)
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This is the latest WHMCS WHMSonic module release to automate sales and orders with WHMCS and WHMSonic.

  • WHMCS 6.0 or higher version.
  • WHMSonic v2.2.27 or higher version.
  • PHP 7.X & PHP 5.X
  • Supports WHMCS 6.0 or higher versions and supports WHMCS 7.X latest release.
  • Root user of the server and WHMSonic Resellers
  • Supports multiple WHMSonic servers, by default the module selects the active server that is marked with * on WHMCS servers list for the WHMSonic servers.
  • Shows WHMSonic Radio & Account Packages automatically from your server on WHMCS product setup page under the module tab. So that easily create radio & account packages on WHMSonic root and select them on WHMCS product module page for each product you want to create. You can create unlimited packages on WHMSonic. This way one click and start selling your radio packages.
  • Create Account API (Creates external or internal radio)
  • Terminate Account API (Terminates external or internal radio)
  • Suspend Account API (Suspends external or internal radio)
  • Unsuspend Account API(Unsuspends external or internal radio)
  • Proper error handling and security measures
  • Uses WHMCS latest capsule database system interaction
New Installation:
Download Link: http://www.whmsonic.com/api/downloads/whmcs_whmsonicv2.3.zip

Upgrade from WHMCS_WHMSonic Module v2.2 to v2.3:
  • Download the following zip file and upload the file whmsonic.php to your FTP WHMCS folder >> Modules >> Servers >> whmsonic. Replace the old file with the new one. 
Download Link: http://www.whmsonic.com/api/downloads/whmcs_whmsonicv2.3.zip

Notice: If you are using outdated WHMCS - WHMSonic Module v1, it is not possible to upgrade. You need to delete your all WHMSonic products from your WHMCS completely and then install v2.3 module from above, follow the instructions under the new installation in this article.

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