Standalone WHMSonic (SonicPanel) Coming Up !
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Today we announce the up coming new software; Standalone version of WHMSonic called (SonicPanel) is coming up to release within a month. SonicPanel is a completely new code and modern design with complete Javascript, Ajax and Jquery with new features such as icecast, new AutoDJ system and schedule features and works standalone which means it does not require WHM/cPanel or any other control panel to work. It will be installed on a simple CentOS7 server or VPS by a single command under the root SSH just like WHMSonic and you will be able to transfer/migrate everything with a single click to SonicPanel from WHMSonic server automatically.

The login ports will be the same, root login port 2087 and the clients login port 2083. SonicPanel has its own services, its own very light webserver, php7, email server, FTP server, its own firewall and brute force protections to provide the best and secure experience of Radio Hosting Management and it just use total 190mb memory, 0.01% CPU with those all services included. The initial release will support 13 languages world wide, unlike WHMSonic, we have removed all hard coded parts, which allows us to translate easily.

A simple clean CentOS7, VPS or Dedicated Server.

The WHMSonic WHM/cPanel plugin will remain and stay the same and WHM/cPanel server owners can continue to use WHMSonic, however we have received thousands of tickets asking about new WHM/cPanel license pricing policy and we have received hundreds of request for the standalone version of WHMSonic. While we have no comments for the new WHM/cPanel license pricing and We just wanted to let you know that we worked hard for the standalone version and it is going to be released soon. The standalone version was always in development before the new WHM/cPanel license price policy, it just speed up the development for the release.

Bonus: SonicPanel Login Screen:

Best Regards,
Development Team.

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