How to Transfer/Migrate WHMSonic and radios to New Server ?
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To transfer your all radios, autodjs, resellers and radio account packages automatically, use WHMSonic 'Transfer All Radios' feature or 'Transfer a Single Radio' features.

  • Make sure your both old and new servers are v2.2.26 or higher version.
  • Activate a trial or new license for your new server.
  • Install WHMSonic on your new server first. (How To Install)
  • Make this configuration on your both old and new servers first, login to root SSH on your both servers and edit this file with nano command. nano /etc/my.cnf change the wait_timeout= value to wait_timeout=31536000 and save the file with ctrl + x and restart your mysql server with service mysqld restart command, on some servers this command is service mysql restart

    If the wait_timeout option is not listed under [mysqld] , add it under the [mysqld] as wait_timeout=31536000 Then restart your mysql service with service mysqld restart command, on some servers this command is service mysql restart. If the /etc/my.cnf does not found on your server or empty. Simply run this command again nano /etc/my.cnf and copy/paste or enter the following into the file


    Save the file and restart your mysql service. Make sure to make above configuration on your both old and new servers and make sure to restart mysql service on your both old and new servers after above configurations.

  • Change the old server root SSH connection port to 22
  • Disable any firewall on both new and old servers.
  • Make sure there are no radios on the new server (Clean WHMSonic required for Transfer All Radios).
  • Login to your WHMSonic root on your new server, click 'Transfer All Radios' link at the bottom of your left menu.
  • Complete the transfer on the page.
  • Start your all radios by using Start All radios feature on your left menu.
  • Check your radios on the 'List Manage Radios' page to make sure all your radios are there and online.

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