CentOS 7.X / Shoutcast v2 Radios Unable to Start UP Error (Solution)
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The following error returns during the radio creation on some CentOS 7.X new servers.

Unable to start the radio, run the following commands error, check ports error, WHMSonic unable to start the radio error

Some CentOS 7.X new server installations comes with the serverIP not added to network interface of the server, therefore shoutcast unable to binds on the IP and the IP is not listed by ifconfig command under the root SSH.

Contact us with the root login information provided or give this article page url to your server provider tech support and request this configuration to be done. You can also add your serverIP or the radioIP of your radios to your network interface by following these steps.

1.) Login to your root SSH with root user and run/copy paste the following commands + configuration.

2.) Check your ifcfg script name under the folder, so go the folder with the command cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ Then run the command ls -l It can be ifcfg-eth0 or ifcfg-enp0s3 and so on with any name ifcfg-*

3.) Create a file with the name your server is using, if your server have 
ifcfg-eth0 then you need to create a file with the name ifcfg-eth0:1 If your server has ifcfg-enp0s3 Then you need to create a file with name ifcfg-enp0s3:1   

Create the file with the following command

nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s3:1

Copy/Paste the following information and replace SERVER_IP with your own serverIP that you use with your radios.


CTRL + X  then press y and then enter to save the file.

3.) Copy paste the following command line completely and run it.

systemctl unmask network.service; sudo service network restart; systemctl disable firewalld; systemctl stop firewalld

After above configurations, the IP should be listed by ifconfig command and you should be able to start your radios now.

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